Indian Ocean Leg 2 Day Three 13 33.877S 089 32.955E

Mike and Liz Downing
Sun 29 Sep 2013 10:07
A noon-to-noon run of 136.2 miles, which is a little disappointing as we've been going well all day. Last night the wind went round to southeast, but changed back within an hour to east southeast. So as we hadn't got around to taking the windward pole down, thought we might just as well use it, so set a small amount of the outer genoa to windward, giving 3 sails up at once! Haven't done that for a while. Having the windward sail meant we had to go more west than we had intended (to stop it from backing) but there's a very long way to go to make the southing we need, so not a problem. At day break the wind did go southeast and kept on going, staying due south, which it still is. So the windward sail was handed (rolled!) and the course went south west. However, as the wind has got stronger (up to 20kts) we decide to bear away to head due west again to run the generator, for lunch (microwave - it's quicker!) and to make water to top up the tanks. Finding it more comfortable, we're still heading due west. As said, there's plenty of time to go south when the wind comes back towards the east. Don't like to be heeled too much when we run the generator (want to keep the oil where it's supposed to be!) and before making water we always shower if we can, and that's definitely easier if the boat is more upright! (We have a sit-down shower on the starboard side which is okay when on a port tack, which we are on this passage.)
It's my second day as net controller. There are 6 boats scattered across 500 miles of ocean. Making contact has not been that easy with poor propagation, but so far we've accounted for everyone. Net times are 11.00 and 18.30 each day. Two reasons to celebrate today (3 if you count having a shower in these conditions without too many bruises!). Firstly we now have under 2,000 miles to go, and secondly, our longitude is below 90E.
(Sending these updates using the SSB radio/modem via a station in Brunei. Still find that amazing. It also means we have no control over the font, hence the change.)

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