Ascension Northwards - Day Seven 01 55.861S 029 15.846W

Mike and Liz Downing
Sun 20 Apr 2014 15:29
Kept good winds most of last night and good speeds with it. Actually had to reef down for a while as the winds exceeded 20kts - the first time since leaving St Helena, ages ago! The daybreak came with lots of cloud and a squall with heavy rain went through mid morning, but it didn't last more than 20 minutes. We could see others around and it looks like the start of doldrums weather. But although the wind has dropped, we do have wind and are making around 5kts. The noon-to-noon passage was another good one at 156.8, so we've had four consecutive days of 150+ miles a day, so can't complain at that! However, we would like to lodge a complaint about the sea. It's real lumpy today - not rough and aggressive, just horribly lumpy. So every now and again we get a nasty roll and I have to hang on to the computer to stop it sliding across the chart table. And it's not easy moving around without being bumped against the furniture - a bit like being a pinball in a pinball machine! We're collecting bruises today, me especially! Hopefully it will settle down again soon. No sign of the birds again last night, so I think we've left them well a truly behind. We have no Easter Eggs on board, so had to make do with a packet of Maltesers! Happy Easter!

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