Anse Amyot - Atoll Toau - 15 48.21S 146 09.09W

Mike and Liz Downing
Tue 29 Jun 2010 04:27
Left Fakarava yesterday morning very early - anchor up at 04.30 - to get through the pass out of lagoon at close to slack water. It was dark, but we had a full moon and mostly clear skies so we could motor the 5 miles to the pass entrance and went through at 05.30. Even close to slack water we had 2 to 3 knots of current going out and while even with the moonlight it was difficult to see the overfalls, we did pick them up on radar and were able to keep clear. Toau is the next atoll to the north and it's southern side is only 7 or so miles from the entrance of Fakarava, but Anse Amyot, out destination is on the north west side and about a 40 mile sail. With a south easterly wind it was a downwind run, so both genoas out and no main - the best sail we have had for some while. Anse Amyot is a false pass - it looks like it's a pass into the lagoon, but the inward side is blocked by a reef and so you have a cul-de-sac of approximately 1/4 a mile long protected from the seas. Looking ahead there is just the turquoise water of the lagoon stretching for 20 miles or so with corals on all sides to explore, which we hope to do if the wind ever dies down. It's being blowing 20 to 30 knots continuously, with higher gusts, ever since we arrived - a stalled cold front, so with no protection from the wind, you have to be careful not to get blown over when on deck. Even with all this wind the boat is hardly moving as the protection of the reef is so good. We picked up a mooring here - there are 13 here which are free if you eat in the local restaurant ashore - there are 2 houses (one the restaurant) and only 2 families that live in this part of the atoll. This is the first time we haven't anchored in 4 months. The moorings have a good reputation for being strong and we have dived on this one and it looks good - just as well with this wind! We do have 3 ropes attaching us to the buoy and we've put our own anchor down, just in case. This is reputed to be one of the prettiest spots in the Tuamotus and it looks it. The snorkeling is supposed to be excellent. Another good reason for coming here is that being a false pass there is no current coming in, so we can leave at any state of the tide.

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