Day 4 Noon Position 26 47.96S 179 30.76E

Mike and Liz Downing
Sat 5 May 2012 04:57
No improvement in the weather, still 20-25kts gusting 30kts. Some of the gusts are quite prolonged, so the seas have built further again. As a result we've slowed the boat down and have just a triple reefed main up, making around 5kts. Thee noon to noon run was 133.2 miles, less than the other days, but much kinder to the boat and to us in these condition. Like other boats we've experienced a few problems - a deck fitting is leaking a bit, which is no great deal, except that it's over the locker containing all our boat electronics! That's been fixed with a temporary repair. The generator has decided to overheat and that will have to wait until we reach Minerva reef or Fiji. Glad we have the solar panels and wind generator. We also have a tow generator which we're not using due to the rough seas, and as a last resort we can start the main engine. It helps to have back-up systems on passages like this one. Overall, at noon today, we have covered 592.9 sea miles and have 592.1 miles to go to reach Fiji, so the halfway point - Fiji is now closer than New Zealand!

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