BVIs to the Azores - Day Ten 30 45.673N 052 02.290W

Mike and Liz Downing
Fri 6 Jun 2014 22:19
Not a bad day, making a noon-to-noon run of 137 miles. Still close hauled in light conditions. The wind will increase and we'll be making 6 or even 7kts for a while and then drop down and it's back to pootling along at 3 to 4kts. We've been close hauled now for 10 days on the trot which must be a record for us. When the sea is slight, which it has been most of the time, she goes really well and it's a smooth comfortable ride, however, it's not a record that we'll be aiming to break in the future! It looks like these conditions will continue for the next day or so and then switch to the south west. Forgot to mention yesterday that we had passed the 1,000 miles mark from the BVIs and now are just under half way, with 1,227 miles to go. However, that's based on the great circle route to the Azores from where we are and the chances of the wind allowing us to follow that route exactly are slim, so it's likely to be longer.

A Tropic Bird circled the boat today and was around yesterday as well. They are the most exotic birds with their long tails and we were surprised to see one this far north. We are above the 30 degree latitude parallel now and that seems to be where it starts to get cooler. We shall see. The duvet isn't on the bed yet, so that has to be good!

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