Tahiti - Good WIFI at Last - More Pictures

Mike and Liz Downing
Thu 29 Jul 2010 06:00
Still in Tahiti having had excellent weather for the 2 weeks that Mike's sister and cousin were onboard with us. Taking 2 weeks out to see the island and relax also gave us a good break. But it's back to work now getting all the repairs/maintenance work done, or at least it would be if we hadn't both gone down with colds - you do get them occasionally in paradise! We have managed to replaced the fuel hose which meant taking the furniture apart to get to it, but it wasn't too bad, and have fitted 13 specially made wedges around both fuel tank and water tank to ensure they don't move in the future. We've serviced the engine and think we may have cured the running-hot problem, but won't know for sure until we go back out to sea and give the engine a good run. The outer genoa has been repaired, the gas locker sorted out and gas bottle filled (the first time since Trinidad - that gas went a long way, in more ways than one!) The generator still needs to be serviced and we're looking for another microwave - our current one stopped soon after we arrived (could be the 220v, 60Hz that they have here, rather than the 220v, 50Hz we have at home and our generator produces).

Along with the good weather, we have good wifi. We have to pay around £4 an hour for it though, but we can now send pictures. So the next few blog updates will be pictures we couldn't send before - from Isabela (Galapagos), the Marquesas, The Tuamotus and here in Tahiti.

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