Pictures of Aurora B's Transit through the Canal - Part 1

Mike and Liz Downing
Sat 20 Feb 2010 17:57
Pictures of our transit of the Canal. As expected, we didn't have too much time to take photos as we had too much to do. This time the only objective was to get the boat through safely without any damage!
Canal line handlers as we enter the first lock at Gatun, on the way up to the Gatun Lake.
The gates are closed on the Caribbean as the lock starts to fill.
The chart-plotter showing Aurora B (the black shape) moored in the Gatun Lake. The locks are to the left
with triangular shapes which represent the ships coming through. The water channel to the right of the locks
that doesn't quite make it to the lake is where the new locks are being built.
One of the islands that's being removed to straighten the canal and allow Panmax ships to pass each other.
When we went through last week as line handlers we saw Ever Dainty come past. Now it was Ever Refine followed by .........
Ever Decent, coming straight for us. This is when you hope the Canal Advisor is right when he says
"don't worry, she will turn before she reaches us"! 
He was right - she did turn.