Snorkeling at North Seymour

Mike and Liz Downing
Mon 19 Apr 2010 19:59
We did snorkel at North Seymour and saw sea lions, King Angelfish, 2 white-tip reef sharks and 5 black-blotched rays amongst the usual damselfish, parrotfish etc. This was some of the clearest water we have snorkeled in here. Generally there is so much sediment that it's too murky to take good pictures. It's also a bit un-nerving when you are in the water and can't see what might be coming up behind you!
King Angelfish
Half a sea lion!  This one was swimming round and round us, but too quickly to
follow it with the camera, so it was point and shoot and hope.
Female Mexican hogfish
Not a good photo of a white-tip reef shark as they swim very fast, but we did see it!