Noumea - Photos

Mike and Liz Downing
Fri 12 Oct 2012 11:31
Being in Noumea is just like being in mainland France with all the mod cons, traffic, wines, cheeses and fancy cakes. When it's hot, even the drains smell like France! The weather has been quite strange. We are still in the tropics, but when we arrived it really was quite chilly when not in the sun, particularly in the evenings when you needed a fleece. But a few days ago, as if someone had flicked a switch, it got very warm and has stayed that way. I like it hot, but it's been too hot to sleep the last few days. So we've decided it's time to go. Actually it's the building of a high pressure to the south that has made the decision. The winds look good for next week and apart from there being a slightly higher swell for a couple of days than we would prefer, it looks an ideal forecast. One not to be missed - at least we hope that's going to be the case! So we hope to be on our way shortly, heading for Bundaberg in Australia, a passage of around 800 miles.
One of many stalls in the daily market. There's a fruit and veg market, fish market and
art and craft market, all in purpose built buildings with lovely blue tile roofs.
A stall in the arts and crafts market.
More blue tiles on the roof of the restaurant in front of the marina.
The visitors pontoon at Port Moselle marina, where we're staying. The marina is quite big with
8 or so pontoons for local boats. And there are another 3 marinas in Noumea full of local boats.
Banyan trees in the middle of Noumea.
Small compared to Tanna, but still quite impressive.
French cakes! And it's real cream too - worth coming halfway round the world for! No guesses
as to whose the healthy one is!
Before any passage it's back up the mast to check that everything looks okay. Pictures of Noumea
from the top.
And a picture of Liz - a long way down!