Great Keppel Island - 23 09.722S 150 57.103E

Mike and Liz Downing
Sun 7 Jul 2013 10:54
A short trip today of only 30 miles to get to the Keppel Islands, anchoring off Great Keppel. Sailed the whole way making a leisurely 4 to 5kts in light winds. The anchorage here is well protected and supposed to be one of the best, but we're rolling more than we did last night! In fact last night we only rolled for a short while as the boat turned to the tide. Within half an hour we had turned right round and the stern was pointing into the swell and stayed there until the tide turned again. So we actually had a very good night. Not so sure about tonight!

Another reason not to use the north channel out of Gladstone the other day was poor visibility. It was quite likely that we wouldn't have been able to see the channel leads. This morning at the Cape Capricorn anchorage we poked our heads out and it was far worse - you couldn't see more than 30 yards - fog, thick fog! Don't expect that in the tropics. The visibility was poor all day, but the fog lifted sufficiently within a couple of hours to leave, but it was good to have GPS and radar. Last night we were anchored on our own. Tonight the bay has around a dozen other boats, so we don't feel quite so isolated. (Also sending this via sailmail, so no pictures.)

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