West of Darwin - Day 4 - 12 28.355S 122 16.906E

Mike and Liz Downing
Mon 9 Sep 2013 07:06
A day when we got really really excited if the speed went above 4.5kts! Light winds (5-10kts) for the whole 24 hours. Ran the engine for an hour overnight when the wind dropped out and our speed through the water dropped below 2kts. At that speed the sails collapse with the swell and it doesn't do them any good. The forecasts are suggesting light winds will continue, but there will be slightly more wind to the north, so if we run the engine that's where we head.  The noon to noon run was only 106.2 miles. On the positive side, it's been another lovely sunny day and we have sailed over 500 miles (so only another 1483 miles to go!) Customs came to say hello again, Customs 44 this time. We assume they have different call signs depending on the crew, rather than that number of planes! But you never know - border patrol is a very hot political topic in Australia. Anyway, it's nice to see them fly past and good to know that they know we're out here.