We're sailing Again - Position update - Thursday 17th December at 12 noon local

Mike and Liz Downing
Fri 18 Dec 2009 15:12
10 58.405N 061 39.497W

So the adventure at sea begins once more!

Having worked flat out for the last couple of weeks, we finally left CrewsInn and Trinidad at 08.30 on 17th December. The passage plan as such was to head north as if going to Grenada (so hard on the wind) and if all is going okay, turn west, bound for Bonaire. The point of going north east rather than straight west is to avoid the Venezuelan coast. There's a Gas platform around 25 miles north of Trinidad which acts as a good navigation mark. We're heading into moderate seas trying to make as much easting as we can, hoping to go east of the platform. We'll then arc round heading for the south west tip of Grenada. To leave Trinidad you have to go through one of the 3 Bocas, known here, and on the chart, as the Dragon's Mouth. The channel is narrow and the currents run fast, making it quite unpleasant if you get your timing wrong. Luckily today the Dragon was having the day off and we passed through with only a little chop.

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