Tonga - photos of Mariner's Cave

Mike and Liz Downing
Sat 11 Dec 2010 09:47
Mariner's cave is a cavern that you can only get to under the water. The entrance is about 6 to 9 feet below the surface so you have to dive down and along (about 15 fin kicks) and come up inside. It's a little daunting the first time you go in as it's pitch black and you have to trust that you'll get far enough in before running out of breath! But once in the view out is quite spectacular as the sun shines down through the water. The entrance is subject to swell and each time the swell comes in the air inside turns to mist which disappears when the swell goes back out - it's quite strange.
Looking out, under the water.
And again, but as friends come in.
Mike inside the cavern and doing his 'synchronized swimming' impressions
in the 2 pictures below. 
Stalactites inside the cavern