Blog 25. Saturday 8 June. Still in Mackay

David Batten
Sun 9 Jun 2019 09:21
For those of you who check up on Marine Traffic or yellow brick, you are probably wondering why Alcedo is still in Mackay. As this is being written, the wind is howling and it is blowing a pretty steady 20 to 25 knots with gusts of up to 30 knots. It has been raining as well and there is still no evidence that we are in the tropics.

Wednesday was not too bad a day, but the forecast for Thursday and Friday showed 25 knots of S to ESE winds with gusting 30+ and we have had all of that. We took a decision on Wednesday am that there was little point in sitting in potentially rough anchorages with difficulty of getting ashore, so we stayed put and went to the Marina to extend our visit and buy charts of the Whitsunday Islands and this coast to back up the Garmin and ISailor. The lovely lady in the marina, we think Liz, then gave us really helpful information on good anchorages, walks in the reserves, where to see Koalas, where to avoid the charter yachts, crocodiles and other undesirables. Couldn’t be better and worth waiting in Mackay for a few more days.

So we have been entertaining ourselves with walks to mouth of the Pioneer River..

JPEG image

At the mouth of the Pioneer River showing breakers over the bar and the green marker.

We also saw this little fellow:

JPEG image

Red Capped Plover on the beach, as were his wife and family.

Pissed off, Skipper has just lost half the blog when getting the iPad to check it, so will have to finish later. Supper is ready!


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