Last few photographs of Cuba

David Batten
Mon 4 May 2015 20:21
Now raining here, set in since this morning and no real sign of letting up, but did manage a walk and only got soaked second half.  Did manage to get a good photograph of the American Redstart male and say a female Bahama Woodstar humming bird, rather dull in the cloudy conditions but great to see they are here.
visasmallAmerican Redstart, maledavidvisasmallAmerican Redstart, male 2david
At last, a photograph of the American Redstart (male, female is dark with yellow).
visasmallBeech at Barocoadavid
Back to Cuba and the beech at Baracoa.
visasmallPublic Transport in Baracoadavid
The main form of public transport on the waterfront of Baracoa
visasmallWalking in the village above Baracoa, looking for a 'museum'david
Walking through a small village above Baracoa, note the school uniform ahead.  The children all wore uniforms (different ones for each school) and were all clean and smart.
visasmallOne of the everywhere reminders of Fidel Castro and the revolutiondavidvisasmallAnother reminder of the revolutiondavid
We saw reminders of the revolution everywhere in the Guantanamo/Baracoa regions.
visasmallComing off the La Farola road that opened up communications for Baracoadavid
Coming off the Viaduct La Farola, the road that gave tourists easy access to Baracoa.
visasmallCuban Farm with thatched out houses, on the road from Baracoadavid
Back into the lowlands and more farming country, with cactus hedges and thatched out buildings.
visasmallMirador off the road between Sainta Lucia and Puerto de Vitadavid
Our last stop in the car, mirador between Sainta Lucia and Puerto de Vida, before we returned the car and prepared to leave for the Bahamas.