Mayreau, Saline Bay and Union, Chatham Bay. 12.36.27N 61.27.00W

David Batten
Fri 4 Apr 2014 11:23
Sunday, 30/03/2014.  After shopping in the market and saying goodbye to all our friends there, we bought yoghurt from Maranne and coconut yachts (after much bargaining) from a street seller for Tessa’s oldest grandchildren.  Then it was up anchor and off to wherever, which turned out to be Saline Bay in Mayreau.  With quite a swell, we took the dinghy to the shore for the evening walk up the hill and then a swim back to the boat in the fading light, David towing the dinghy as usual.  The evening chefs, Venetia and Tessa, produced excellent roast vegetables and cold ham for supper and we retired well fed and watered for the night, hoping the weather would improve enough to go to the Cays.
Monday, 31/03/2014.  Still too rough and blowing too hard to really enjoy the Cays, so we had an easy sail to Chatham Bay and enjoyed a day of snorkelling and walking.   Venetia and Tessa walked the beach while Anthony went for his usual inland marathon and Skipper and wife went snorkelling off the point.  Net result, fresh fish for supper , no doubt at give away price after Tessa and Venetia’s  negotiations and a happy Anthony after a long walk on the Island.
betasmallChatham Bay looking North    betasmallAfter the evening walk, Chatam Bay
Chatham Bay, looking North and after the evening walk, the crew getting ready to swim back, dinghy in tow.
Tuesday, 1/04/2014.  We left Chatham heading for Tobago Cays, but it was blowing 27 to 20 knots and rough, so we  tried Salt Water Bay and decided the conditions were unsuitable and anchored off Troisants Bay instead.  Beautiful bay, we were the only yacht in brochure type style conditions for a lovely swim, walk and lunch.
betasmallSalt Whistle Bay, too shallow for Alcedo      betasmallTroisant Bay, Mayreau from Alcedo
Salt Whistle Bay, which is really too shallow for Alcedo and Troisants Bay, with its deserted beach and unoccupied buildings.
After siesta, we went back to Saline Bay for the evening walk, including a purchase from the beach seller with the T shirts and some lovely views and excellent bird watching.
betasmallTroisant Bay, Mayreau       betasmallAnthony and Tessa, Mayreau evening walk         
Troisants Bay from the village on Mayreau and Tessa and Anthony on the windward side of Saltwhistle Bay.
     betasmallPelican diving off Union    betasmallBanaquit on Aloe Vera Flower, Mayreau
Tomorrow, the forecast is for moderation of wind and sea and we should be good for the Cays!