Las Palmas Marina, Thurs 14 Nov,

David Batten
Thu 14 Nov 2013 08:46
2 days of reasonable progress with the commissioning.

Tuesday, Sailmaker arrived as planned am to measure up for a second genoa halyard, runner rope replacements as the original are already chaffed and a few mods.  Sails arrived pm and we managed to get the mainsail hanked on ready for hoisting on Wednesday.  Victor not in the yard, so no pin, but sorted out flares, bilge pump handle mounting and started on the rigging checks.

Visited the Mercado Central and the butcher and veg stall that will deliver to boat.  Happy with the former but concerned about how the fruit and veg selection process will work as, as is normal with markets, would prefer to buy different things from different stalls.  Also purchased some paint and another storage box from El Corte Ingles, in case we have time to do a wall painting.

Sundowner was not really soft drinks, but wine tasting and beer as usual, 2 free drinks each plus tasters, so not so good for the liver, but arranged for Thomas and Scott to help us with fuel and sails tomorrow am.  We invited Gary from Arcarius supper as his crew had left and had very good piece of pork from the butcher on the market, which bodes well.

Wednesday, sunny morning!  Thomas and Scott arrived in good time and with very little wind, we achieved filling up with fuel and several circuits of the harbour getting the the sails on, reefing lines set etc.  So much easier with the extra help and getting into our tight berth was no problem with them to help and no wind.  Our sincere thanks to them both.

Afternoon spent checking the Dino prices against Corte Ingles, not much difference and looking for popadums (no luck), getting in yet more beer and water as carrying capacity on the bicycle is limited.  Victor had a new pin ready that we have yet to install, but work continued with more mousing wire on all shackles etc and minor repairs. 

Sundowner was good with excellent cheese, salad and cold meats from one of the suppliers, just a shame they did not label them!  We met up with crews of Aspen, Arcarius and Scara Brae again and also Manfred from Azzurra who was on the EMYR with us in 2011 and Ricard from XAR, an X-50 in the racing division.

Thursday, it is raining this morning!  A good morning to be spending in the classroom, which is where we are going.


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