Carriacou, 26/3/2014. 12.27.54N 61.29.09W

David Batten
Sun 30 Mar 2014 23:20
Tuesday, 25/3/2014.  After another croissant run by Anthony, topping up of the water tanks, booking a day tour with Cutty for when we get back and booking out, we leave the pontoon at St George’s in much less wind than we arrived, thank heavens, as we still had help from the staff even with the additional crew on board.  With a route mapped out on the Garmin, we motor sailed up the West Coast of Grenada in anything from 0 to 17 knots of wind and then hit a steady 17 to 20 knots once out of the lee of the Island.  It was hard on the wind from then on with a significant west going current, which did not help with our progress to the east, so we had to put in a tack with a very disappointing angle between tacks.  The Skipper’s wife, very unhappy with the boat’s performance to windward, decided to take action,  so stomped on deck and tightened the windward runner, winched in the boom vang and heaved in the mainsheet.  The wind had died as well, but progress and the Skipper’s wife both improved with the mods and we were soon in Tyrrel Bay.  We dropped anchor in our favourite spot just South of the ferry terminal and had set about tidying up and getting the rum punches and “tunch” ready, when we were interrupted by a visit from “Simon”, selling wine, lobsters (well crayfish really) and limes.  After much discussion and a good price of $20EC per pound, we agreed on 3 crayfish of 3lbs each, providing we liked the look of them.  Simon went off in his dinghy and duly returned with 3 lively crayfish, which sadly spent their last few hours in a bucket of seawater.
betasmallSimon fetching our supper
“Simon” fetching the crayfish from some crate in the bay.
Our supper, waiting patiently in the bucket.
That evening was a trial for the new Kayak, kindly brought out in their luggage by the guests.  Great fun and perfect for the Mangrove pond at Tyrrell.  The crayfish supper was a triumph, with humane despatch by Anthony and garlic mayonnaise made by the Skipper’s wife.  Delicious!
betasmallThe Kayak's first outing in Tyrrell Bay
The Kayak’s first outing in Tyrrell Bay
    betasmallVenetia and Anthony try out the new caique
Followed very quickly by the second outing.
Wednesday 26/03/2014.  Next day was walking for Anthony and an abortive attempt to snorkel off Sandy Island for the rest of the crew.  Sadly, it was blowing 17 to 20 knots from the SSE and so rough, we returned to Tyrrel for a snorkel off the Southern Reef and then enjoyed a very good supper at the Slipway.
View of Tyrrel Bay and Carriacou taken by Anthony during his walk around the Island.
    betasmallOut on the Tiles, leaving the slipway   
Leaving the pontoon after supper at the Slipway
  betasmallA Pelican Family on the buoy in Tyrrel Bay
A family of Pelicans we saw on the way out of Tyrell Bay the following morning, when we up anchored and set off for Bequia with a fair wind and sunshine.