Blog 20. 04.41.48S 95.28.71W

David Batten
Sat 5 Mar 2016 09:33
Saturday, 5/03/16, 02.45am. Sorry to report that we have not yet found the trade winds, although we have had some good sailing and also some very frustrating conditions. We have had periods with nearly enough, but not quite enough wind to sail, plus some periods of headwinds, so the engine has been on and off and the sails in and out with monotonous regularity. We have been in touch with the rest of the fleet more often than on other passages and had severe FOMO when we heard that Two Fish and Blue Summit had Red Footed Boobies as passengers yesterday. They did not feature on our Galapagos cruise and although we did see one briefly yesterday, it would have been really good to have one on board to study.

On the wildlife side, we did see a pod of small and very athletic Dolphins yesterday and a whale, which sadly was almost certainly dead. It was quite small and completely lifeless and had what looked like a wound on it's back, plus some smaller areas of skin loss from being pecked at by various sea birds. We have also seen sea lions, miles away from the land and have had the company of the Swallow Tailed Gulls again.

The Skipper had a birthday to celebrate on Thursday, so it was presents and cards and a vey good banana cake produced by the Ship' Boy, plus more truffle chocolates, for which many thanks Sarah. We are so impressed that anyone should go to so much trouble and expense and they arrived in the nick of time on the morning of our departure.

Our Garmin is telling us that we have 2606 nm to go and we are currently heading more South than the direct course in order to try and get into the trade winds, which are are reported to be in existence somewhere South of 05 degrees.

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