Sunday, 26 January 2014, Rodney Bay, St Lucia. 14.05.34N 60.57.69W

David Batten
Mon 27 Jan 2014 00:54
23/24 January, 2014.  Marin.  We spent two days anchored in the Cul-de-Sac du Marin, what with shopping at Leader Price with their convenient dinghy dock and the nearby Carrefour.  Plus, the Skipper was like a child in a sweetie store in the excellent chandlers of which there are many in Marin.  We were able to get a different filter for the engine, regrettably they only had one, but it is now installed and working to date.  We have a new petrol tank for the outboard, the very good suction pump like the one we borrowed off Axonite and a decent reel of sail mending thread which we failed to find in the UK.  We also found an electronics supplier and workshop that had some ideas for getting the echo sounder to work by increasing the power supply to the transducer unit.  After a visit from a technician and installation of a gismo for increasing the power supply, it was depressingly worse, not even working for more than 2 minutes in 10 meters of water.  By this time it was definitely time for some much needed refreshments and we decided have another go in the morning.    When shopping earlier in the day, the Skipper’s wife came across another fisherman selling his catch, this time a tuna as well as a huge marlin, so this time we had fresh tuna for supper and another meal in the deep freeze for 9 euros.  It was delicious.  Have to say at this point, it rained on and off most of the day on Friday.
Saturday 25 January, 2014.  The echo sounder was behaving mysteriously better in the morning, so after a trip ashore to clear customs and another chat to the electronics guru, we set off for St Lucia, with the echo sounder reading all the way to 200 meters before switching back to its usual default of 3 meters.  Sadly, it still needing rebooting once we reached Rodney Bay after a nice beam reach before it would give a sensible reading in the Bay so that we could drop the hook in reasonable depth off Pigeon Island.   It was a pretty blustery day and we did not feel like swimming, so went for a walk on Pigeon Island after its official closing time.  We very fortunately met up with an American couple just before being accosted by a local and asked to pay the 16 EC entry fee as we had no money.  While he was negotiating with the Americans, we escaped back to the restaurant and dinghy park, but it was so lovely we decided we would come back tomorrow and pay and stay.
The Anchorage at Pigeon Island
The Anchorage by Pigeon Island.
Some very smart yachts in Rodney Bay.
Some very smart yachts in the Rodney Bay anchorage.
Sunday 26 January, 2014.  Taking the dinghy into Rodney Bay marina to clear customs and get a berth in the Marina felt a bit like coming home!  We saw several ARC boats including Starla and met up with Maria and Steve and Gary and agreed to join up for happy hour tomorrow at 5.00pm, (they start happy hour early here).  We also saw Mina2’s dinghy in the dock, but no sign of Tim.  Somewhat to our dismay, the Marina office told us they were full and did not have a berth, but would put us on their waiting list and see who left tomorrow and whether they would have space as they had several boats booked to come in.  We knew that Starla were leaving and are very much hoping we can have their berth on J pier which is unpopular because of the road.  We reckon the wind generator is noisier than the road.
After taking the dinghy back to the anchorage and finding 2 RCC burgees, Ear to Eternity and Mina2, we discovered from Peter that both he and Tim were due to go back into the Marina for parts.  We declined the very kind offer of refreshments from Peter and set off for lunch and a lazy afternoon on Pigeon Island.  It was lovely, as hopefully the photographs will show. 
Pigeon Island                Not Many of These Around.  Pigeon Island           
The Skipper at the Main Notice Board and a relic of the British Occupation!
The Beach at Pigeon Island            The Windward Side, Pigeon Island
The sort of Caribbean scenes we all expect (except for the clouds).
From Pigeon Island looking towards Martinique         View of Rodney Bay from Pigeon Island
The windward side of the Island and Rodney Bay from nearly at the top of the Island.
The Fort at the West end of Pigeon Island         Romantic Proposal and Acceptance, Fort at Pigeon Island
The Fort at Pigeon  Island where we happen to find a couple who had just got engaged.  How romantic a proposal was that!
Skipper at the top of Pigeon Island       Zenaida Dove
The Skipper looking very distinguished at the summit of Pigeon Island and a very handsome Zenida dove near the bottom.
Tomorrow we will contact the Marina again to see if they have a berth and start servicing the engines and cleaning the boat in preparation for visitors, including Caroline and Richard who arrive in St Lucia today to have a smart hotel holiday with a little yachting thrown in and of course, Sue and Kate on Tuesday week.  Very much hope we will be in the Marina by then!