Saturday, 16 November 2013, Las Palmas Marina

David Batten
Sat 16 Nov 2013 21:51
Thursday.  A very good day in the classroom with lectures on management of emergencies, rigging, routing & weather, provisioning and tips for downwind sailing.  Rigging and provisioning were particularly good and helpful and we will definitely be having a daily rigging check rota, plus Jerry The Rigger to give it the once over before we go.  We had a very good lunch with Tim and Clare from Ghost, an XC 45, also RCC members, which provided a welcome and fun break in the middle of the day.  

Friday.  Really great morning planting trees at about 2600 ft somewhere above Firgas as part of the ARC Forest Project.  The Skipper, who never digs at home, managed 11 good holes with the 1st Mate planting the trees and digging one hole.  Altogether, the coach load of ARC participants, including 2 families, planted about 250 trees and we would have done more, but the water tanker ran out so we had to stop.  Beautiful red, loam soil, but full of roots where the brambles and bushes had been cleared and very dry.  No idea what trees we planted, but the project has reached its target of 1000 trees and a great time was had by all.  A pair of kestrels and good weather were the icing on the cake.

The afternoon was a complete contrast, being spent in El Corte Ingles buying the long life stores and other necessities like loo paper and washing up liquid.  Very helpful staff and a 10% discount for ARC boats make El Corte a good place for shopping, plus the fact that they sell fresh milk and Greek yoghurt, hard to find in Las Palmas.  

In the evening, a cracking good party with free beer and wine, local produce and a very noisy band.  Not great for conversation, but good for bopping.

Saturday.  El Corte delivered the shopping as promised shortly after 9.00 am and most of it was stowed before Andrés and Julia arrived to take us out to lunch with Julia's parents, John and Vera.  A wonderful opportunity to renew our acquaintance with these generous and lovely people who we had met earlier in the year.  Lunch was a veritable feast, including the best octopus we have ever had and neither of us felt the need for any supper.  We also elected not to go to the 60s wig party, maybe because we can just about remember what it was like in the 60s and it reminds how old we are!

Tomorrow is the official ARC Opening Ceremony, so lots of marching and flag waving and then more boat preparations and cleaning.  Will the water maker work with the new soft start is the 64  million dollar question of the day.  


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