April 26, 2015. Staniel Cay, Bahamas. 24.10.73N 76.26.65W

David Batten
Mon 27 Apr 2015 00:37
Having had the most perfect 8 days for the guests, it is now blowing 20 knots from the WSW, a difficult direction to find good shelter from in the Exumas.  We are anchored in a pool between Big Major Spot Island and Staniel Cay, which would be perfect except for the tide rip which is kicking up a bit of a sea and the holding, which is pretty dubious, but so far so good.  The photographs below, which are yesterday and today, demonstrate to a degree the difference in conditions overnight.
visasmallEvening calm and lovely lightdavid
Lovely calm evening, Saturday, 25 April.
The not so calm conditions on Sunday morning, 26 April.
visasmallPerfect sunset in perfect calm, Staniel Caydavid
Perfect Sunset, looking at Big Major Spot from the anchorage off Staniel Cay, Saturday 25 April.
visasmallThe not so calm conditions on Sunday 26david
The not so calm conditions on Sunday morning looking at the rocks between Major Big Spot and Staniel Cay.
The guests have now left us for the airport for their flight to Nassau, which we discovered last night was not going from Staniel Cay as booked, but from Great Guana Cay, some miles to the South.  Staniel Cay airport has been closed for two weeks for some reason, so it was hitch a lift on the water taxi and travel by boat.
visasmallThe guests being driven to the airport by water taxidavid 
Goodbye Tom and Mary and thank you for being such lovely guests and such good company.  We shall be feeling rather lonely tonight.
Next blog will continue with photographs from Cuba and our first 2 weeks in the Bahamas.