Blog 16. Notes on Leg 3 to the Galapagos. 01.17.68N 86.37.50W

David Batten
Mon 15 Feb 2016 23:33
Sat 14/02/16. We did find wind again last night and have made reasonable progress south, if not quite as much west as we would have liked, with the Genoa goose winged and one reef in the main. Today started cloudy, but the sky cleared and we have had a pleasant time with just enough wind to keep sailing all day. We seem to have missed doing anything for Valentine's, other than Jane, who sent Hugo a message. Our passenger bird left us this morning, probably a good thing as The Skipper nearly trod on it in the dark and swore as he got pecked on the ankle. We think it might have been a young petrel, we have seen quite a number of them, as well as Shearwaters and boobies. Anthony saw a turtle and we have managed to catch one not very big fish.

At tea time we gave up trying to sail in the dying wind, so iron topsail was employed and electronic gadgets were all put on charge. The rest of the fleet is were well spread out and the SSB roll call has been getting increasingly difficult.

Sunday, 15/02/16. The wind came back in the early hours and from a good direction, so we shook out the reefs and turned off the engine. It has been a lovely sunny day with good sailing, all sails set including a full main and no need for poling out the Genoa, with speeds around 7 to 10 knots over the ground thanks to the helpful current. Crew very happy to have the wind on the port quarter instead of behind us. We are 206 miles from San Cristobal and about 150 miles from the equator, with nothing for company other than a few very attractive sea birds. The sea is much calmer and everyone not on watch is either reading or sleeping. The Ship's Boy has sorted the rubbish and tomorrow we will make sure all is shipshape ready for inspection when we arrive.

We have one issue in that 2 of the MOB devices we all have in our life jackets have apparently been activated without setting off the DSC. The skipper is on the case and we clearly should be checking them before going on watch.


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