Gibralter, 36.08.55N 05.21.18W

David Batten
Sun 19 May 2013 09:51
Time has flown since last update, with favourable winds, always strong, mainly 6 to 7 on the Beaufort scale. Alcedo sailing really well, very comfortable and we have enjoyed using the saloon seating area for meals and off watch relaxation. Very pleased with her performance and sea kindliness, which has been a real blessing, with no one being sea sick.

We have all had our turn dodging the shipping in the lanes off Finisterre, Lisbon, and Cape St Vincent, the sunshine and and the heavy showers and the acrobatic dolphins. Every morning the advice from the person on watch has been "same clothing, still cold". We had a cracking sail up the straights of Gibraltar, with Ranger overtaking us as we approached Tarifa. It was still blowing 6 to7 as we came into Gibraltar, but at least the sun was shinning. Both Marinas are full with regards to berths for bigger boats, but Marina Bay have been very friendly and found us a temporary berth that we can get in and out of. The first one they wanted us to get into would have been challenging in a flat calm, let alone 25 knots and downwind. Celebrated arrival with champagne (thank you Popsie) and an alcoholic supper.

This morning is bright sunshine, hot out of the wind and now time for laundry, boat jobs and getting Mike on an aeroplane. We will be very sad to see him go, it has been a great trip with a
truly perfect crew.


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