Rabat, 27/05/13

David Batten
Mon 27 May 2013 19:50
from 34.01.75N 06.49.29W

After an easy sail to Rabat, we arrived early on the tide but thanks to the lifting keel, were able to follow the Marina motor boat into the river and up to the Bouregreg Marina without having to wait for the tide. The Marina is just before the low bridge carrying all the vehicular traffic from one side of the river to the other, with the local boats, propelled by oars or outboards, transporting many of the "on foot" traffic.  The Marina staff could not have been more helpful or charming, the Marina is totally sheltered and safe and the only marginal aspects are the shower facilities and the fact that the pontoon fingers are a little short for yachts of our length.  As the Marina was less than half full, we were able to go alongside one of the longer fingers at the end of the second pontoon.

We have had a day of culture, shopping and sight seeing.  Anthony and Venetia, well Venetia really, managed to buy a carpet, while we spent the princely sum of £2.75 on a pencil and dividers holder for Alcedo.  Rabat is well worth a visit from every point of view providing the swell allows entry and for us, it is a blessing as we have to go home.  Scrap did not recover and sadly left this world on Saturday evening, he will be much missed.  We leave the boat tomorrow and the crew has been unanimous in insisting on coming home as well for the funeral.  Anthony and Venetia will return to go walking in Morocco after the funeral before joining the boat again and Jane will return to England just a little earlier than planned.