Day 4. At 24 27.1 N. 22 25.6 W

David Batten
Wed 27 Nov 2013 14:08
Wednesday.  Good sailing heading for a waypoint at 20N 30W but now hard on the wind and being forced to the west.  At least the sun is shinning at the moment.  We plan to go north of the lows hopefully will pick up  easterly winds which will allow us to aim for st Lucia.   The lovely trade winds we were promised appear to be way more South than usual because of the low pressure systems between us and the Caribbean, so it is not necessarily going to be the down wind ride promised.  Certain amount of grumbling amongst the female crew members about things not going as advertised, but no aeroplanes home from here.

Just under 500 miles to the waypoint we were going to use as a turning point to go west rather than south west and nearly 500 sailed so far, so still a long, long way to go!

Skipper is doing a two hour watch so the rest of the crew change their watches by 2 hours, it will be interesting to see how much confusion this creats.  Rest of the crew are busy preparing lunch, doing rigging checks and writing blogs.

SY Diva has been with us most of the morning, but she is now disappearing ahead and to west of us.  We also have another yacht to port, but she is not listed as part of the ARC.

It's now time for lunchtime social half hour.  The crew are being very abstemious with regards to alcohol intake, fresh orange juice and fizzy water being the order of the day, but all impressed that the orange juice is fresh.

Lunch is clearly a gourmet affair today, so now signing off.


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