28/05/2015, Atlantic Highlands. 40.25.14N 70.01.88W

David Batten
Mon 1 Jun 2015 16:45
May 24 2015.  We left Norfolk at the very civilised time of 10.30 after saying goodbye to Gary and Rosie, the “chick magnet”.  So much easier leaving with the 2 extra crew on board and no wind!  We motored pretty much all the way out of the Bay, before eventually turning north towards Sandy Hook with a full genoa and one reef in the main.  A lovely evening, with the company of some dolphins for a brief moment, but with the wind gradually going more and more aft, so after shaking out the reef and “tacking” downwind to starboard of our course, we set the headsail out on the pole at dawn and had a great sail with it goose winged until we made the turn to the west past Sandy Hook as darkness fell.  After very cold night watches the night before, it was a lovely sunny day, with the Ship’s Boy able to don shorts and all enjoying fabulous sailing until we took the genoa down and started buoy hopping down the Sandy Hook channel into Sandy Hook Bay.  We joined another yacht outside the harbour at Atlantic Highlands and dropped the anchor as close as close as we dared in the dark to the seaward side of the harbour wall.  23.30 pm and time for an anchor nip and bed.
May 26 and we pulled up the keel and motored into Atlantic Highlands and picked up a mooring buoy near the pontoons, having been advised by the harbour master to tell the launch driver assisting us that we were only 50ft, this being the maximum length permitted for the buoys. 
visasmallAlcedo on a buoy in Atlantic Highlands HarbourdavidvisasmallCan I really swallow this, in the harbour, Atlantic Highlandsdavid
Alcedo on the buoy in Atlantic Highlands Harbour and a demonstration of how good the fishing in the harbour could be, can it really going to be able to swallow it?  Definitely!
We then enjoyed 3 lovely days in Atlantic Highlands, walking, bird watching, stocking up on provisions in the very good supermarket and even completing some essential boat maintenance, such as replacing the lifting keel rope which was showing signs of fraying.  The Ship’s Boy claims to have been chained to the boom and made to repair the stack pack, but we have yet to find the chain.
visasmallLooking out towards Sandy Hook from the path along the harbour's edgedavidvisasmallOn the Henry Hudson Traildavid
The Henry Hudson Trail from Atlantic Highlands towards Sandy Hook, running along the beach and then through the wooded area just inland of the beach.  NB.  this trail was deemed suitable for experienced hikers only – Umm.
visasmallOne of the many desirable residents overlooking the Harbour and just off the Henry Hudson TraildavidvisasmallWoodpecker on reeds, probably Downydavid
One of the many houses overlooking Sandy Bay, with a path down to the Henry Hudson Trail and a Downy Woodpecker on the reeds by the trail and again, later.......
visasmallAnd a better view of the Downy Woodpecker in a residential areadavidvisasmallNorthern Flicker in Huber Woodsdavid
...in one of the residential areas on the way to Huber Wood, where we saw a larger, but equally attractive Northern Flicker.
visasmallWalking in Huber WoodsdavidvisasmallBlue Jay in Huber Woodsdavid
Anthony leading the way, using his iPhone for navigating, in Huber Woods where we also saw several Blue Jays.
So tomorrow it will be fill up with fuel and then up the Ambrose Channel to the Narrows and the Statue of Liberty and New York, New York!