Blog 56. Bavatu Harbour. 17.11.03S 179.00.08W

David Batten
Wed 22 Jun 2016 08:08
Wednesday, 15 June. After spending some time in Lomaloma trying to get some accurate way points for the next part of our trip round the Exploring Islands and with many thanks to Marie on Domini for her tracks and way points and Ann on Sophia for her help, we left Lomaloma for Bavatu Harbour on the NE side of Vanua Baluvu. There are many reefs to be avoided and most of the navigational marks have been destroyed or reduced to small sticks by the cyclone, so we were very grateful for all the help we have been given by the Sea Mercy yachts and for Anthony doing bow duty as reef spotter. Bavatu Harbour is absolutely lovely, deep but well sheltered and very beautiful in spite of all the cyclone damage., with plenty of space for Wishanger, Paradise Found and Sophia, who came to Alcedo for "cocktails" American style, i.e bring your own.

Thursday, we were made to feel most welcome by Citi, the manager, sent from Copra Marina by the owner to oversea the cyclone recovery program, as the land is/was a working coconut plantation. Citi arranged for us to be shown round the plantation in the morning and for 2 lobsters to be delivered to the boat after some of the workmen went fishing that evening, a great end to another magical day. Wishanger and PF left to be replaced by Aliena and Belafonte, while some of the fleet went by, quite late and on to the Bay of Islands.

Tomorrow we plan to do more reef dodging and go on to the Bay of Islands ourselves.


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