28 June, Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard. 41.22.79N 70.30.31W

David Batten
Thu 9 Jul 2015 23:15
6 June.  After an uncomfortable night at anchor off Menemsha, we set off in sunshine but with a very cold wind again, so no bikinis even when going downwind.  After a pleasant downwind sail until the last 2 miles, when we had to motor into the wind into the entrance of Edgartown’s harbour, we picked up one of the town buoys without even needing to put the keel up.  Edgartown has a huge mooring field, with plenty of depth and room and it is a very pleasant spot, with an efficient, if not cheap, launch service and very good ice creams in town.
visasmallThe Skipper on the town launch at Edgartowndavid  visasmallClassic house in Edgartowndavid
The Skipper on the town launch with the remains of an ice cream in hand.                                    Typical small town house, Edgartown and....
visasmallA rather grander establishment, Edgartowndavid visasmallJulian on Domini, doing some domesticsdavid
....and a rather grander establishment overlooking the harbour.                                                         It’s not all swanning around in the sunshine drinking and sun bathing, Julian at work on Domini.
26 July.  Another tick alert, this time on Venetia and presumably an escapee from the Shelter Island searches, so another visit to the doctor scheduled for the afternoon.  Before that, a bus ride and delightful walk in the Felix Neck/Audubon reserve, with more bird watching and exploration of marsh, wood and meadow lands.  After that and the doctor, more ice creams and lobsters for supper, definitely a red letter day with great walking, fine weather, fine dining and fine company.
visasmallThree bird watchers in Felix Neck preservedavid  visasmallAn unhappy Willet, we were too close to it's nestdavid.            
Three naturalists exploring Felix Neck/Audubon                                                                              An unhappy Willet trying to distract us when we must have been close to a nest.
27/28 June.  Not such good weather, so boat jobs, kayaking around the bay, a great barbeque at Anne and Fred Osborn’s in Edgartown with the most wonderful all male choral group to finish off the evening and the weather just holding off from drizzling on the barbeque and the singers, plus a revisit to “Jaws” in the local cinema as it was filmed in Martha’s Vineyard.
Tomorrow we are going to run the gauntlet of the infamous Wood’s Hole, with it’s fierce currents and rocky outcrops which provide an excellent living for the Tow Boats in the summer.  We will be doing it at slack tide of course!