June 7 2015. Port Jefferson, Duck Island and Noank. 41.19.27N 71.59.27W

David Batten
Mon 15 Jun 2015 23:06
5 June, civilised start at 09.30, leaving Sheffield Island and motoring all the way to Port Jefferson on Long Island in light head winds and weak sunshine.  Very cold as seems to the be the norm at the moment.  Port Jefferson inlet and harbour is really beautiful, full of mooring buoys now, at $55 per night with a good launch service, but we felt the town itself lacked atmosphere.  However, it did provide good ice creams and an excellent supper, courtesy of the guests.  Anthony had the first lobster of the the trip, which he said was excellent and booked an appointment with the nearest dentist to fix a crown.  It was a lovely if cold evening and we enjoyed a pleasant late afternoon walk down one of the beaches that lined the bay prior to showers and supper ashore.
visasmallComing into Port Jefferson with the first of many osprey nests on the beachdavidvisasmallJefferson Harbour from the parkdavid
Coming into Port Jefferson with it’s long sandy beach and Osprey nest.                                      Port Jefferson harbour from the park
6 June, late start after Anthony’s successful appointment with the dentist.  Still cold, wind still light and on the nose, so motor sailed to Duck Island with a brief moment of excitement when a motor boat was reported as making large circles with the driver slumped over the wheel.  We could see the boat and we heard on the radio and saw the action as a SeaTow boat managed a brave rescue by driving up along side the boat at about 10 knots and putting someone aboard, who reported the driver as being “awake”.  We did not hear the end of the rescue as they then turned to one of the “A” stations that we do not have on our radio.  (Note: the USA use different VHF channels to the rest of the world and call them e.g. 22A ) We dropped the anchor just behind the breakwater off Duck Island at about 18.00 hrs, still cold but at least dry, so indulged in an anchor nip before turning in.  We had a very pleasant walk ashore the next morning with lots of Osprey nests (occupied) to entertain us and friendly locals, although all the beaches appear to be private or for club members only, which made landing the dinghy a bit of a challenge.
visasmallThe entrance from Duck Island Roads to the Menunketesuck and Patchogue river marinasdavidvisasmallA lovely sheltered marina, but not for the likes of Alcedo, even with the keel updavid
In the evening light, the entrance to the marinas off Duck Island Roads.....                                 ...that are wonderfully sheltered, but not for the likes of Alcedo.      
visasmallAlcedo anchored off Duck Island, lovely day but still colddavidLooking upriver, Menunketesuck River
Alcedo anchored in Duck Island Roads off Duck Island.                                                                 The Menunketesuck River, view up river from the bridge at Westbrook.
visasmallOsprey and nest, Duck Island walkdavidvisasmallHouse Finch, ashore from Duck Islanddavid
One of the many Osprey nest with female in nest and male on guard, by one of the marinas.      House finch in Westbrook, the holiday town off Duck Island Roads.
7 June,  Left Duck Island after lunch so as to have a favourable tide.  It is strange to be planning our departures and arrivals to fit in with the not inconsiderable tides here after so many years of not having to worry about them.  Another sunny but chilly day, with the wind light and on the nose again, so did the twenty miles to the Mystic River entrance and Noank with the engine on all time.  However, we arrived in good time to have a slack tide for the quite tricky entry and arrival at the “Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough” restaurant, where luckily a motor boat was just leaving and we were able to tie up on the outside of the piers.  We were informed by the locals that the lobsters served here were the best and indeed we had the most delicious lobster supper. N.B. This is not a pier at which to spend the night, as they do not have the right sort of licence!
visasmallComing into Noank on a beautiful but cold eveningdavidvisasmallNoank, moored up to Lobsters in the Roughdavid
The Mystic river entrance, calm and at slack tide.                                                                               Safely tied up to the Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough.
visasmallShip's Boy enjoying the best time of the daydavidvisasmallTucking into fresh lobster at Abbots's Lobster in the Roughdavid
Ship’s Boy, happy with a gin float and a lobster dinner to follow.                                                 Enjoying the best lobster in America if the locals are to be believed.
Tomorrow’s destination is Newport Rhode Island, where we hope to see the J Class and 12 meter racers and get a taste of millionaire America.