Granada, Tuesday 09/04/2014. 12.02.65N 61.44.94W

David Batten
Thu 24 Apr 2014 23:41
Sunday, 06/04/2014. After checking up that there was nothing we could do for the Orioles, we set sail for Grenada after breakfast, with full mainsail and genoa and the wind just forward of the beam.  Not a brochure day, as there were several squalls, but good sailing until we reached the lee of Grenada and we picked up a buoy just South of Moliniere Point at the Northern end of Grand Mal in time for a late lunch.
On our way back to Grenada, enjoying one of the rain squalls, photograph courtesy of Anthony.
This very pleasant spot provided us with a sheltered overnight stop and a great snorkel in Dragon Bay.  We found the underwater sculptures, several pieces including two circles of full size statues with the only draw back being the nasty “stingers” in the water around the boat when we swam back.  Monday morning we snorkelled again after putting Anthony ashore for one of his long walks and then we motored around to Port Louis to a very tight, inner marina berth, which caused a few palpitations and one refusal before tying up safely and without mishap.  Anthony appeared after a very long walk and Jane arrived safely for a late supper, so we were all set for a day’s tour courtesy of Cutty.
Tuesday, 8 April 2014.  09.00 hrs sharp and we are in the van with Paul and off to a not very exciting waterfall off the main road running from west to east and then on up to the rain forest and the Grand Etang.
betasmallA very touristy waterfall    betasmallGrand Etang lake
The Annandale Falls, with it’s local divers and lots of tourists and the Grand Etang, a lovely volcanic lake up in the rainforest.
This was followed by a delightful visit to the Belmont Estate, where our love for chocolate was increased by the entertaining and educational tour from the very charismatic Kelly, seeing the beans grow, fermented, dried and sorted for export or the factory.  The chocolate produced on the estate is quite delicious and we had some very satisfactory retail therapy after an excellent lunch before leaving.
betasmallA lecture from Kelly in the coco plantation   
In the cocoa plantation with Kelly, the crew enjoy an educational talk on the history of the estate and the cocoa plantations.
        betasmallThe beans fermenting under banana leaves    betasmallThe tourists helping to air the beans laid out to dry on huge trays
The beans fermenting under banana leaves and drying in huge trays, where willing tourists stir them in the traditional way.
After Belmonte, it was off to the Antoine Rum Distillery to see how rum was traditionally made from sugar cane to bottle.
  The water mill that provides the power for grinding the cane  Raw cane being fed into the grinder
The water mill at Antoine that provides the power for the grinder and the raw cane being fed into the grinder.
Grinding sugar cane to make rum   Juice from the cane boiling in huge vats
The grinder which produces the liquid sugar that is then boiled in huge vats, not very attractive at that stage!!
The distillation machinary   Sampling the final product
Some of the distillation machinery and sampling the final product, which was almost neat alcohol.
Somewhat inebriated, we then headed back to St Georges and Paul (the driver) gave us a fascinating account of some of his growing up and the Island history. A good day out followed by a great meal at BBs.
Wednesday, 9/4/14.  Another visit to the market with Tessa and Venetia so they could stock up on spices and Tessa did some shopping at Fidels in the Marina before a final epic boat lunch and the taxi ride to the airport for Tessa and the K-Hs.    It was sad to see them go after a such a great visit, but at least Jane was now with us and we had Trinidad to look forward to.