Blog 40. Fakarava, Southern Anchorage. 16.30.40S 145.27.38W

David Batten
Mon 18 Apr 2016 05:40
Saturday 17/4. A huge criuse ship arrived at breakfast time this morning and anchored in the main channel, so most of the WARC yachts that came up from the South left for Toau, the island to the North of Fakarava, and we up anchored just after Nina to head South. An interesting route down almost the centre of the lagoon, mostly very deep but with the odd 2 and 0.4 meter patches, the latter very visible, the former not seen. We arrived to find all the buoys taken, but 2 of the boats let us know that they were leaving shortly, leaving one buoy for Nina and one for us, very convenient. It was not a pleasant afternoon with a big fetch from the North where the wind was coming from and we had a refusal trying to get to one of the restaurants and had excellent chicken breasts on board instead.

Sunday, 18/4. A lovely calm morning, but we failed to book the restaurant for lunch as we were too late, Mearra Nieida and Nina having beaten us to it and there being limited capacity in the restaurant which had resident guests to cater for as well. A fantastic drift snorkel on the incoming tide in the pass made up for the disappointment of lunch, with sharks, rays and fabulous fish and delicate corals, white, blues, yellows, orange and dark pinks. We drifted all the way back to Alcedo and got out of the water like wrinkled prunes.

Jason and Gail from Two Fish went past in their dinghy on the way to book supper in the only other restaurant, which they succeeded in doing, but it was not our lucky day and we missed out again as another boat had booked as well and there was no room for us! So the deep freeze was raided again and we had an excellent lunch, a walk and another snorkel with the sharks followed by supper on board. After a sunshine and cloudy day, it poured with rain in the evening, with a brisk southerly wind, so maybe a dinghy ride to and from supper would not have been such a good idea!

Tomorrow we are planning to go to the North anchorage again as there are more strong northerly winds forecast and we fancy eating out again!

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