Monday, 24/03/2014, Port Louis, Grenada, 12.02.65N 61.44.83.W

David Batten
Tue 25 Mar 2014 02:15
Wednesday 19/3/2014.  Another lovely day in Clarkes Court Bay, buying bread and meat at Whisper Cove, catching up with Carol and Mike of Blue Dolphin who did the ARC and snorkelling off the reef nearer to Phare Blue. 
betasmallWhisper Cove Marina    betasmallThe Marina Restaurant and gardens
The Marina in Whisper Cove with its restaurant and garden.
In the evening, we had an exciting dinghy ride to, or to be strictly accurate, dinghy ride back in the dark from Phare Blue after curry supper at the restaurant, where we met one of the Oyster Round the World Rally participants and interesting friends of the Phare Blue owners as well as Carol and Mike.  Tomorrow, we will go to Port Louis to prepare for the guests.
Thursday, 20/03/2014.  After a good downwind sail from Clarkes Court to Point Saline, we had a good fetch to the buoys off St George’s and a very exciting arrival in a strong beam wind to berth stern to in the marina.  Fortunately there was lots of help from the marina staff and we arrived next to a very nice Swan 60 called Lady B without any mishaps.  It was gusting all day, but the marina is very sheltered, very smart and very convenient for the Old Town around the Carenage and the shopping in Grand Anse.
Friday, 21/03/2014.  Fish Friday at Gouyave.  Not a suitable outing for the camera, but what a bus journey.  First of all, we had to catch a No. 1 bus to the bus depot in the centre of the old Town and a charming Grenadian, who claimed to live in Wales, made sure we caught the right bus for Gouyave as the depot was heaving, as was the whole town as it was TGIF or Thank God it’s Friday.  The bus driver was clearly a frustrated formula one driver, the road barely tarmac, full of pot holes and speed bumps, the music blaring, the bus full and the shock absorbers well worn!  We were the only people getting out at Gouyave, but found the Fish Friday event by following the music and the smell.  We had crayfish, lambi (conch) and prawn, all very good but not in the same league as the St Lucia event.  We met up with the Jade crew, with Fern and Noah being very long suffering about the adult entertainment and the lack of pizza or burgers.  We had a slightly less nerve racking trip back to base, but with additional entertainment from some well lubricated but very attractive young Caribbean males on the No. 1 bus back to the Marina.
Saturday, 22/03/2014.  Cleaning and polishing and a quick visit to the market, which was rather disappointing, as not many stalls and not at all as we would expect from a major town.
Sunday, 23/03/2014.  More cleaning and polishing and got to meet Hubs and Diana on Lady B.  Then the guests arrived, so showers and rum punches all round and steak for supper.  The boat is now loaded with gin, coffee and chocolate, excellent!
Monday, 24/03/2014.  Anthony is despatched to do the croissant and bread run for breakfast from the Merry Baker and then we buy oranges for the rum punches and honey from the market, followed by 2 supermarket shops for more essential stores.  Courtesy of Anthony, we also have some pictures of St George’s.
betasmallView of the Marina from the town    betasmallThe Old Town and Harbour
The Marina viewed from the old town and Warf Road in the Carenage on the opposite side of harbour.
betasmallBuying Cucumbers in the market    betasmallThe Streets are narrow and busy
Buying cucumbers and mangoes from a market stall and a typical street, narrow and busy, in the town.
After an exhausting morning shopping, a siesta and visit to the neighbours, followed by a swim off the beach at Grand Anse, we have an excellent supper on the boat and an early bed for those in need of catching up on sleep.  Tomorrow, we plan to leave in good time for the sail north to Carriacou.