Tomorrow is Start Day!

David Batten
Sat 23 Nov 2013 23:17
Thursday cont.   No luck with shopping for water filter pipes or haemostats granules, need to go Corte Ingles tomorrow.  Jesus and Monica came for a pre supper drink, we so enjoyed seeing them and they are very kindly going to help us with the water filter, fishing equipment and medical supplies, (fishing equipment not to be mentioned again).  Great fireworks at the evening party, tapas and risotto.  Swapping notes on stores and pre-cooked meals.  Have we got enough stores?  Has someone else made a better job of it?  All very stressful!!  Also raining, not in the brochure.

Friday .   Still raining, so washing not dry and had to wear rain coat to El Corte Ingles.  However, successful shop for last minute goodies like milk, butter, cheese, jambon Ibericus and eggs.  Very grumpy taxi driver, but delivered S to Hotel Santa Catalina for skipper's briefing and Jane to boat to pack away supplies.  Good briefing,  Looks like a high over England and low to west of the Canaries, so go South is the advice.  

Now tired so off to bed!

D and S

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