SY Alcedo, Mon 13/05/2013 N 47'16.00 W 6'39.24

David Batten
Mon 13 May 2013 15:22
Uncomfortable start with 25 to 30 knots on the nose, but crew managing splendidly with no mal de mer. Considered Dartmouth for Sat night, but rejected in favour of not loosing too much hard won windward progress. Sunday better direction, still hard on the wind, but 2 short hitches up to windward only needed to clear Ushant during the night. Sailing fast and free this morning, occasional 10 knot bursts, but wind now dropped and motor sailing to keep good speed to try and miss the worst of tomorrow's S/W blow.

Crew settling in well and celebrated better weather with showers and higher standards of catering, M and S even indulging in a small digestif before lunch. Girls are working hard on the log and the blog, while the boys discuss concrete and EU grants.

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