Blog 49. Swurrow. 13.14.97S 163.06.46W

David Batten
Mon 23 May 2016 05:33
Friday 20 May. Weather vastly better today and Swurrow looked lovely in calm sunshine. A day for a few boat jobs, pot luck lunch on the beach, (more tuna), litter picking afterwards and then a snorkel with the Sharks. We have been joined by Blue Summit, Wishanger, Paradise Found and Mearra Nieida and Into The Blue made it late afternoon after an eventful passage, where they lost all their electronics, their freezer started playing up and Gina got hurt and has probably cracked a couple of ribs. We were all very pleased to see them safely in.

Saturday 21 May. Another surprisingly good day. We took our dinghy, together with Blue Summit, over to Whale Island where we found some nesting Tropic Birds and a Booby, probably Brown, plus some waders, all seen from the reef surrounding the Island as landing anywhere other than Anchor Island is strictly prohibited. Then a lovely snorkel and long swim back to the boat, plus a detailed study of the anchor chain. Two Fish left this morning having made sure Ben and Sam from Wishanger would help us unravel all the anchor chain snags on the coral when we leave tomorrow. Our permitted three day stay being over then. We Joined a barbecue on the windward beech, (tuna again, particularly good barbecued), with all the crews of the boats in the anchorage, including Take Off, Zoom and Aliena, who have also joined us. A lovely afternoon on a perfect uninhabited Pacific Island, in great company. It doesn't get much better than this.

Tomorrow we leave for Nuie, some 500 miles away. Possibly a slow trip as we are now on to fuel conservation.


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