Blog 33. Tahuata. 09.57.66S 139.07.10W

David Batten
Mon 4 Apr 2016 18:39
27 March, Easter Sunday. Obviously got the dates wrong on the previous blog, easy to do on Island Time, where days of the week have little meaning to us, but we definitely left Fatu Hiva just after 7.00am on Easter Sunday. Calm, sunny morning with the Island looking just lovely in the early morning sun, so motor on until the wind got up at about 09.00. Then an uneventful sail/motor sail towards Tahuata, passing Paw Paw going in the opposite direction at about the half way mark. We arrived off the Island after an early lunch in a nasty rain squall that blotted out everything, but after thoroughly soaking most of the crew, it cleared before we approached the anchorage in Baie Hanatefau where we found Whishanger and Paradise Found and quite a few non WARC boats. After anchoring (twice because of the usual disagreement about swinging space and proximity to other boats) in the northern part of the bay in 25 about meters, we followed Paradise Found to the recommended snorkelling spot and enjoyed a late snorkel in the warm water, seeing lots of brightly coloured fish in amongst the strange mushroom shaped corals that are the norm here.

Monday, 28 March. A morning visit to the village in Baie Hapatoni, after picking up Jose from Paradise Found, starting with a sharp shower, warm and wet. Another peaceful place with friendly inhabitants and rather nice, low key market of wood, horn and shell carved items, decorative or useful. The Skipper's wife and Jane did some minor retail therapy and then some bird watching, while the others explored. The village is built on an old Polynesian site and is well worth the visit. After that, it was all hands to continue the hull cleaning in the pleasant water and the boat is looking so much better, before we set off for another snorkel. A day of relaxation and tranquility before setting off for Uka Huka, some 67 miles to the north tomorrow.


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