15 July 2015. Atlantic Highlands. 40.25.11N 74.01.89W

David Batten
Wed 22 Jul 2015 16:38
11th July and a lazy start before leaving Norwalk on the west going tide, destination Manhasset where we can spend a day getting some exercise and be in a good position for catching the tide through Hell’s Gate and The Narrows the day after.  It has been a lovely day with a calm sea, motor sailing again with the genoa helping and not long after we were out of sight of Norwalk, there was Mayday as a 35 foot motor boat drove into the “Old Petit” rock between red buoy and Sheffield Island.  He was definitely the wrong side of the red buoy which ever way he was going and he must have hit it pretty hard as the boat was holed and had sunk by the time Towboat US reached him.  They did rescue everyone on board and somehow got the boat afloat and towed to somewhere suitable and in the meantime, we anchored in the inner harbour at Manhasset in very different conditions to those enjoyed (not) with Anthony and Venetia on our way east.
visasmallCalm and sunny, Manhassett Baydavid
Calm and sunny, Manhasset Bay.
The following day we set off on our bicycles for Sands Point Preserve,  now a country park, formerly the Gould and then Guggenheim property, with its very pleasant woodland trails, beaches, ponds and residences.  The launch at Manhasset is $8 round trip but the bicycles travelled free.  We were told that the mooring buoys were free for two nights but by this time we were anchored on the edge of the mooring field.
visasmallCastle Gould, modelled on Kilkenny Castle, built by Howard Goulddavid
Castlegould, built by Gould, 1904 and based on Kilkenny Castle
visasmallHemstead House, tudor style built by Guggenheimdavid
Part of Hempstead House, the main, Tudor style house of the estate built by Gould before his wife of the time divorced him, after which he sold the estate to the Guggenheims.
visasmallThe Courtyard at Falaisedavid
The Courtyard of Falaise House, based on a 13 Century French Manor house built by Guggenheim’s son, Harry and his wife.
visasmallThe swimming pool at Falaisedavid
The swimming pool at Falaise, originally a rose garden but built when Harry was advised to take more exercise!
visasmallPlaying a recording of the pinneated woodpecker in Sounds Pointdavid
The Skipper on one of the trials in the park, playing a recording of the Pileated Woodpecker, which we heard but never saw.
We were only able to go inside Falaise House on a guided tour, which was interesting if only to demonstrate how eccentric the really rich can be, but the trials were lovely and the cycling to and fro good exercise.
July 13 and an early start at 07.00 to catch the tide through Hell’s Gate and the Hudson as it winds through New York.  It has been a lovely day with very little river traffic other than 2 yachts going through at much the same time and by 09.30 we were swirling through the channel by Rosevelt Island at 9.5 knots having negotiated the Brothers and Hell’s Gate with the tide in our favour as planned.  We did have the excitement of three sea planes landing in front and behind us, presumably taking commuters to Manhattan and there were the usual number of helicopters buzzing around.
visasmallApproaching Hell's Gatedavid 
Approaching Hell’s Gate in a good, strong current.
visasmallThree forms of travel in the Hudson Riverdavid  visasmallThe Ground Zero memorial towerdavid
Three forms of travel on the Hudson River.                                                                                        The Ground Zero memorial building from river, south side.
visasmallFarewell to the Statue of Libertydavid
Farewell to the Statue of Liberty and...
visasmallThe Skipper looking thoughtful as we leave New York behinddavid
Not sure what the Skipper is thinking as we say  goodbye to Manhattan.
So onto Atlantic Highlands, where keel up again, we pretend to be 50’ long as before and pick up a mooring buoy in the harbour not far from where we were at the end of May.  It was still early in the day and a beautiful day, so we got the bikes out again and cycled to Sandy Hook, unfortunately leaving the camera card in the computer, which upset the camera and the Skipper’s wife, so no photographs of lovely Sandy Point, but it was a great 16 mile round trip.
visasmallAtlantic Highlands Harbour on a sunny July daydavid
Atlantic Highlands Harbour, calm, sunny and warm.
15 July.  Yesterday the weather was back to rain and minimal visibility, so we did some laundry and shopping and catching up on emails etc., using the bicycles.  We were hoping to set off today, as the wind is going into the north this evening, but the forecast is for rain all day and thunderstorms and 30 to 40 knot gusts this evening, so we will do boat jobs today and set off in good time tomorrow with the northerly still forecast, but gradually decreasing and going into the east for next 2 days.