Getting there. 21 42.2N 64 37.4W

David Batten
Tue 17 Nov 2015 18:31

Sunday evening and night brought some wonderful sailing and then some frustrating conditions with the wind going from N/E to ENE to ESE, making keeping up speed and a good course difficult for whoever was on watch. The Ship' Boy felt sorry for the Skipper and did most of his night watch until the Skipper's wife realised she was still on watch and came on deck to take over. Comment in log "Poor little Ship's Boy" but honestly it was entirely voluntary. We think she must have been at the Red Bull, so got a caffeine and sugar high.

Monday morning brought some south in wind, not what should be happening and not good for our course, but we were still making good progress. A nasty squall at change of watch gave the Skipper's wife a good soaking and lots of reefing, unreefing and having to keep almost on the wind as the wind settled into a more South Easterly direction. Since then, the wind has mainly been SE, not what was forecast and very disappointing as it looked as if we were going to arrive in time for Edd to catch his flight home and now that is very doubtful.

At the moment, we are motoring in less than 10 knots of ESE wind. The starboard engine gave us some concern in that just stopped. After playing with the filters, the Skipper has made it go again, phew!!!!!!! The grib files show very little wind from now until after we should have arrived, so it looks like on with the motors for all or most of the next 193 miles. Very disappointing, but at least we are making progress and we have had some fantastic sailing.


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