Friday, 1/5/2015. Warderwick Cay. 24.23.62N 76.38.10W

David Batten
Fri 1 May 2015 19:22
We have decided to stay put today as the forecast was for rainy squalls and wind on the nose tonight and tomorrow.  It is indeed raining heavily at the moment and has been for the last 3 hours or so.  However, we managed a lovely long walk in the mostly dry this morning and saw Palm Warblers, American Redstarts, male and female, Yellow Warbler, Black Throated Warbler and possibly an Ovenbird.   The Skipper is also sure he saw a Stripe-headed Tanager and the Skipper’s wife definitely saw a Hutia, which looks like a large brown guinea pig.
visasmallYellow Warbler, edge of Banshee Creekdavid
Yellow Warbler, one of the few photographs of the ever moving birdlife we managed to get.
visasmallChoice of Trails, each delightful and thronged with birds and we even saw a Hutiadavid
Choice of trails on Warderwick Cay, which make it a great place to be in when the weather closes in and snorkelling is not such fun.
Pumpkin Flats, on the Tebebuia Trail
Pumpkin flats showing some of the vegetation which is full of bird life and evidence of Hutia.
We are watching the weather closely, as the area of squalls should start to disperse tomorrow with brighter, sunnier weather tomorrow and Sunday and winds veering to north east on Sunday and strengthening.  There is some anxiety about a sub-tropical or tropical storm brewing in the northern Bahamas or in the offshore waters to the north east of the Bahamas next week.  We really want to start moving north tomorrow to Marsh Harbour in Great Abaco, which will put us into the northern Bahamas, so we are waiting for tomorrow’s forecast but hoping to leave.  It may involve a bit of a nasty beat for about 6 hours or so, but we are running out of fresh provisions and beginning to get a little anxious about getting to Norfolk to meet Anthony and Venetia, who are joining us on the 20th, so fingers crossed that the weather will improve soon.