Blog 65. Musket Cove. 17.46.29S 177.11.59E

David Batten
Mon 11 Jul 2016 05:46
Wednesday, 6 July. Spare control unit for water maker arrived and located and on board, hurrah! Take Off family safely on board, bar Jorgen, who is coming later after damage to Take Off fully assessed, fuel tanks filled and we were on our way to Musket Cove at about 11.00. Motored all the way in bright sunshine and apart from the fact that the charted marks bore very little resemblance to the actual marks on the reefs around the entrance to Musket there were no issues. Ship's Boy did a brilliant job of entertaining Alex, the elder of the Take Off children and did her best to reach him as much as possible about navigation during the 2.5 hour trip. It was keel up and a tight squeeze to get Alcedo into the marina itself, with stern to mooring Med style and very little manoeuvring space, but we did it!

Musket Cove is a lovely spot, with sandy beaches, pretty villas, great paths and some more wild spots and we have spent the 2 plus days there walking, bird watching, snorkelling and socialising. The Skipper has managed to fix the water maker and the Garmin cockpit chart plotter, thanks to Ian's sister Alison, who joined Zoom on the 8 July. She is also going to take back the defunct one, so,we can pay for it as a service exchange as it came from Australia. How kind is that and it is typical of everyone on this rally, all of who help each other in any way they can.

Tomorrow, 9 July, a very much smaller fleet will be setting off for Port Resolution, Tanna in Vanuatu and we must say goodbye to some good friends like Blue Summit, while Chilli B and many of the other yachts have already left the rally.


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