Preparing to Leave Portsmouth. 36.49.91N 76.17.77W

David Batten
Wed 11 Nov 2015 00:00
Tuesday 10 November.  We didn’t leave today.  There is a nasty little low passing through the mouth of the Chesapeake today and the Tropical Storm has been given a name:  “Kate”.  Did you do something to the weather Kate T?  Because at the moment, once the low has passed tomorrow morning, high pressure is set to build and the wind is going round to the North West and dropping.  Then we have a lull before more winds with north and westerly in them help us towards Bermuda so we can then sail south in the trades, or at least that is the plan and it is almost too good to be true.  We have done more last minute shopping, stowing and washing and some last minute jobs like drying some through deck fittings and applying more sico.
Edd using highly sophisticated tool for drying a deck fitting in Skipper’s cabin.
We are as ready as we can be for a first light start tomorrow.  Plus the ship’s Boy provided excellent entertainment yesterday to those in the Rally who attended by showing the film of Mina 2 in the Antarctic.  The Americans who saw it were well impressed.
Ship’s Boy giving the introduction to Mina 2 adventure’s in the Antarctic.
The Rally start has been changed to a free for all anytime we like after midnight, which will make life much easier for getting out of the Bay and we are timing ourselves as we cross over the Bay Bridge Tunnel.  All engine hours in gear count after that, but we are agreed we are for getting there while we have the window in the weather, even though there is really no chance of getting Edd there in time to catch his flight home.
Fingers crossed that the weather window holds good.