Alcedo Blog, 12/06/2013,

David Batten
Fri 12 Jul 2013 20:24
Somewhat lax about the blog since the "family" arrived, very much a holiday atmosphere and very busy doing not a lot. R and R on the day of their arrival, with a short walk and supper aboard. Next day, major shop at the Super Dino in Playa Blanca, followed by a long walk and short swim off Playa Mujeres, then supper at a restaurant near the boat. Good but not cheap. Jo and Sally managed to get locked in the Ladies loos at the swimming pool at closing time. It could have been serious, but Sally had her Blackberry and David came to the rescue!

Wednesday, early start to go North and to windward, but the wind was kind (Jo thanks the Lord!) and we made excellent progress and decided to go beyond Puerto Calero. We telephoned them to check whether we needed a written confirmation to go to Graciosa and with confirmation that we were booked in, we continued on to Arrecife. We started by anchoring in the old harbour, but were moved on by the port police and ended up anchoring at the top end of Puerto de Les Marmoles. Swam there and found an excellent Lidl to add to the tomatoes and oranges and chocolate and an Ikea! The anchorage was very good and the marina will take yachts, although not really in commission.

Very early start (5.30am) to go to Graciosa and the weather was kind, so made good progress under motor sail and anchored at 10.30 off Playa Francesca, having had to beat only the last few miles. A day of swimming and walking, followed by another day of excellent lunch and walking and swimming.

The wind continues to blow hard at times but we love this place and saw lots of birds and fish and good swimming now, even though the water is cold. Much busier than last time we were here, but still lovely.


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