Roseau, 16/1/2014. 15.17.36N 61.22.74W

David Batten
Sat 18 Jan 2014 00:04
Wednesday, 15/1/2013.  Rather a late start, with anchor up at about 10.30 and genoa only and washing machine running, having failed to set it off earlier.  In no time, we are healing too much to risk the washing machine any longer, so off washing machine and on water maker.  Unfortunately, the water maker is very temperamental and won’t continue to run unless it has consistent power generated by the Port engine.  The wind was anything but consistent and the Skipper’s wife reduced revs as the boat healed in a particularly strong gust, so water maker turned itself off and sulked, which made the skipper cross.  OK, so machines off until we get to where we are going, which did turn out to be Roseau. 
blogEvening light off Drop Anchor at Roseau
Roseau in the evening light, looking South.
blogEvening light off the anchorage at Roseau
Roseau in the evening light looking North.
There were 2 cruise ships in town, but the area occupied by the yachts is surprisingly unchanged and good shelter with regards to wind.  We were lucky in that there was very little swell, which obviously can be quite a problem and we had 2 of the quietest nights to date.  We did a bit of an explore in the late afternoon and came across the Nam Mawon Monument to the Emancipation of  Dominican slaves, the only reference we have come across to date concerning slavery.
blogNeg Mesau Monument, Roseau
blogThe Only Reference to Slavery seen so far
The Plaque on the Monument.
Thursday, 16/1/2013.  We had picked up a mooring under the guidance of Sea Cat’s dinghy man, Desmond, so we were lobbied for the inevitable tour and decided we would chance the weather and join a French couple going to Victoria Falls.  Sea Cat comes recommended in the cruising guide, so we were not unduly concerned when we were not picked up at the agreed time of about 08.45.  Fortunately, there were 2 local fisherman who provided interest between us and Sea Cat’s pontoon as Desmond did not come for us until about 10.00
blogFishing by the yachts, morning at Roseau
Fishing for small fry by the yachts at Roseau.
Apparently the French had decided not to come, but Sea Cat was prepared to take just the 2 of us for the same price.  It was in fact a really good “tour” once we got going, with lots of stops to chat to locals friends with convenient fruit trees we could sample, try some “Moonshine” (nearest thing to 100% alcohol possible without being just ethanol) and cocoa pods and some stunning views.
blogOn the Road, Victoria Falls Tour
On the road to Victoria Falls.
Having crossed to the East Coast, we then went inland a bit and eventually ended up going down a track to a house and restaurant hut set in a beautiful river garden from which the hike to Victoria Falls starts.
blogRiver Garden, by the River, Victoria Falls Tour
The river at the bottom of the garden.
blogRiver Garden, Victoria Falls Tour
Through the River Garden.
The walk to the fall involved 5 river crossings each way.
blogSea Cat waits for us before crossing the river
Sea Cat waits for us by the first river crossing.
Some of the water was mid thigh deep and the current quite strong, so it was quite a challenge, but the forest was beautiful and Sea Cat an excellent guide.
blogTrekking through the forest to Vicotoria Falls
Trekking through the forest.
The falls themselves were spectacular with tremendous noise due to the amount of water thundering down and the enclosed setting.
blogVictoria Falls
Victoria Falls.
This was as close as the spray would allow without jeopardising the camera,  so no pictures of us swimming in the pool under the falls, which was quite an experience and not for the feint hearted.  The river crossings, which had seemed quite daunting on the way, were easy on the way back after the swim by the falls!  Feeling somewhat pleased to be back in one piece, we had a “Rasta” type lunch in the garden, all vegetables grown in the garden with pulses, quite delicious and a very comforting food sort of food.   The drive home was alarmingly fast up an down the switch back roads, but we are back on the boat after a very challenging and enjoyable day.  Tomorrow is shop in the market and then leave for Martinique.