Alcedo, 16 May 38.55.71 N 10.04.91 W

David Batten
Thu 16 May 2013 17:48
Great sailing last night with boomed out genoa and 3 reefs and a pod of dolphins, which joined and left the boat over a period of 3 hours, such a privilege to have there exuberant company for so long. This morning, wind is on the beam and conditions good between the nasty squalls, which are bringing torrential rain and winds of up to 30 knots.
Comment of the day from Michael: tidying up the ropes in the cockpit is like getting the horse ready for hunting, you know that within 10 minutes of setting off, it will a dirty mess again.
Crew all eating well, with requests for plenty of vegetables and salad and all doing their share of reefing and domestics. Top marks all round and bless you Simon for the patches, as David and Sally are also able to enjoy the meals. Now heading for the shipping lanes off Lisbon and the corner at Cape St vincent.

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