Blog date 14/062013, 30.19.51 N. 12.20.55 W

David Batten
Fri 14 Jun 2013 13:18
Promised sunshine did not materialise, but after strong winds gusting up to 35 knots and fastest speed recorded of 13.2 knots last nightwe have more sunshine today when the forecast is for 100% cloud.

Bit of a problem reefing the main yesterday, with the second reefing line on the end of the boom catching the stack pack and tearing the end attachment from the boom on the port side. One of the loops that attach the forward stack pack line to the boom then gave way and the line dropped like a stone and then waved around at head height as the boat rolled. All deftly retrieved by the skipper, scrambling around at boom height and cursing his harness line for being to short. 2 reefs finally achieved, we continued in big seas with the wind on the starboard quarter heartily thankful that we were not on a windward track.

We are hoping to be allowed to spend a day or two in the anchorage off Playa Francesa, Isla Graciosa, but with an estimated arrival time of 10.30 pm, decide to slow the boat down just as Anthony is celebrating a 15 knot burst of speed. Regrettably, we want nearer 5 for an early morning arrival, so this information gets a poor reception! Rolled up Genoa and third reef in the main gives us 6 to 7 knots, so we will still be early and mat have to heave to for a while.

It is start of the dead day watch now, so all reading their books after an excellent lunch except for skipper's wife, who is endeavouring to learn some basic Spanish.


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