Blog 36. Nuku Hiva. 08.52.87S 140.05.80W

David Batten
Mon 11 Apr 2016 04:22
Wednesday, 6 April. We motored back to Taiohae after an early lunch and were lucky to find no one else at the fuel barge. There was Plenty of room to sort out the stern to anchoring (Med style) and with a fuel pipe long enough to reach both fillers easily. We had purchased a duty fee permit and so filled the tanks to the brim at duty free prices. Then it was Internet and chatting to the crews of the few WARC boats not yet on their way to the Tuamotu islands, including Nina, Paw Paw and Aliena. Plus, of course, making sure the boat was ready to receive tomorrow's guests.

Thursday was shopping for the next three weeks. The supermarkets were good for frozen meat, long life milk, bread and eggs etc and we bought aubergines and pac choi for vegetables from the local market stalls. No potatoes, sweet potatoes or onions to be had anywhere, all "finis". Tessa and Bridget arrived in good time for lunch with suitcases full of boat spares, wine and chocolate, all the essentials in fact. Then an afternoon stroll round the bay and an excellent meal in one of the few restaurants ashore after cocktails at the 4 star hotel. The boat is now full of functioning alcoholics.

Friday, 8th April. We decided to make Controller Baie the marquesas' experience for Tessa and Bridget, as it is so beautiful, a great anchorage and safe dinghy landing, plus a pleasant walk to an ancient Polynesian site. Then there was the added bonus of the Manta Rays, which came very close to the dinghy on the way back to the boat. Perfect.

Saturday 9 April and farewell to the Marquesas. We have really enjoyed these islands, they are so beautiful and hospitable, the only downside to them being the swell and sometimes impossible dinghy landings. We left Hakehoa Baie at about 10.30 and with full main and Genoa, set sail for the Tuamotu Islands. We must be one of the last of the rally to leave, but Nina was coming out of Taiohae behind us, and we are planning to keep in touch with her via the SSB. Nice to know we have some friendly company in this vast ocean.

Sunday, 10 April. At sea again, just before 6 o'clockses. Yesterday was a bit frustrating, with a light wind from the ENE and sometimes NE and a big sea emptying the sails as the boat rolled. Plus some rain squalls, which we heard gave Nina a good soaking, but which thankfully passed behind us and, we caught a fish! Not being good fisherman, we were not entirely sure what it was, but the flesh looked like tuna and it was entirely edible. Today, everyone has had some great sailing in the sunshine with the wind on the beam, encouraging a Toad attitude towards speed and a competition to see who could be closest to the Garmin track at the end of their watch. Best not to enquire what was happening in between. We have approx. 300 miles to go and fish tonight for supper again and we have just spoken to Steve on Nina on channel 8b, who are about 80 miles behind us. Great to hear from them, somehow even better with just the two of us


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