Blog 27. Wed 12 June. Whitsunday Island 20.15.63S 148.56.48E

David Batten
Thu 13 Jun 2019 10:21
South Shaw Island anchorage just inside Burning Point is in a long bay with good shelter from the south east and no swell. The boats are all anchored well off shore. There are several beaches with rocky headlands between them that boats anchor off and that provided challenging walking for the Ship’s Boy and Skipper’s Wife.

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Ship’s Boy on the easiest rocks fringing Shaw Island, so still smiling

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The Skipper at a more challenging point of the rocks turning back as the tide was coming in fast. Note the blue sky, an increasingly unusual feature at the moment and misleading as it rained on the way to Shaw.

From Shaw Island we did the 19nm to Cid Harbour, avoiding the popular resort at Hamilton in favour of walking up to Whitsunday Peak on Whitsunday Island. Good sailing but with more rain. Arriving at Sawmill Bay, we found a large number of buoys all warning against swimming because of sharks in the bay. Luckily we had no ambitions to go swimming in the current weather conditions, but the following sign treated us at the start of the 2.5 km walk up to the Peak.

JPEG image

It was a lovely forest walk, spoilt only be low cloud at the top

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