Alcedo Blog, 3rd and 4th July, 2013, 28.44.18N 13.49.46W

David Batten
Thu 4 Jul 2013 18:50
Managed to record the correct month for this blog!

We were up at 06.15 yesterday and managed to detach ourselves and sort out a mile of ropes and be out at sea by 08.00. Much less wind to start with, but right on the nose as to be expected and cloudy. However, we were freed when we tacked back towards the land, the clouds cleared and we anchored between the beach and the cruise ships' key at Puerto del Rosario by lunchtime (English lunchtime that is). The wind was blowing too hard by that time for us to want to swim or leave the boat, so we did some tanning and a few jobs.

After a peaceful night, we left in good time again to beat up to Isla de Lobos with much less wind than usual and with some westerly in it by the time we arrived. Beautiful place with some impressive rocks off the south east end of the island, but reasonable shelter between the small key and the bar on the west side in minimum swell. Regrettably, it has been blowing too hard to leave the boat safely and for us to swim, so more tanning and jobs. We are hoping the wind will die down enough for a peaceful night and explore tomorrow.


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