Blog 60. Sunday 26 June. Bula Bay. 16.51.95S 178.34.71E

David Batten
Thu 30 Jun 2016 03:46
Following Curley's way points, we left the very pleasant anchorage off the beach at 06.30am and set off past Point Reef and the unmarked, unseen rocks on the starboard side and motor sailed into the open sea with just the main up and not much wind. All the way points we have been given gave us a trouble free passage through the Nasonisoni Passage, across Wainunu Bay, round Solevu and Cocoanut Points, past Wairiki Warf and into Bula Bay.

The bay is huge and quite open but gives good shelter from the prevailing winds and appears to have a very level bottom of nice mud, so provides excellent holding and a good overnight stop. We did not make our way very far into the bay, as it was windy and cloudy and too late for snorkelling and walking anyway and we were leaving in good time in the morning, but anchored in 11.5 meters in the middle of nowhere and had an uneventful night.


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